Rickey Thompson Spills the Tea on the Royal Family's Surprisingly Normal Lifestyle

"Royals, they're just like us."


BAZAAR.com is the leading authority on all things royals—and we're ready to spill the tea. Our host, comedian and social media sensation Rickey Thompson, is breaking down the latest and greatest happenings inside and out of Buckingham Palace in our new series, Royal Tea.

Ever wonder what life is really like for your favorite British royals? Then you're in luck because Rickey Thompson is back again to spill all of the tea how the royals actually live. If you haven't watched the first few episodes yet, be sure to catch the social media star serve up his hot takes on the royal baby, the royal family tree, royal etiquette, and all things royal fashion.

You probably envision the royals traveling aboard their private jets and enjoying all of the luxuries that come with being born into nobility, but did you know that they sometimes fly commercial? Also, while they undoubtedly have private chauffeurs at their disposal, the queen and Prince William have both been spotted driving themselves and their family around town. And sure, catered dinners are expected, but Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have both been known to serve up some homemade meals in the kitchen.

Thompson also discusses Kate's parenting style and his thoughts on Meghan and Prince Harry's decision to forgo giving their child, Archie, a royal title. Speaking of the new royal baby, did you know that the Duke of Sussex announced his son's birth in a royal group chat? And more importantly, how does one get approved to join their private thread?

Do any of the royals have day jobs outside of their palace duties? While some like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles do not, Princess Eugenie is employed at a contemporary art gallery and Princess Beatrice works full-time in business.

Lastly, Thompson shuts down more crazy rumors about the British royal family and responds to relatable tweets about your favorite members of the monarchy.

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Rickey Thompson is a comedian, actor, host, model, and dancer who commands an audience of millions.
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