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Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In First Debate Of 2020 Election Over Two Nights Marianne Williamson Has Both Confused and Fascinated the Internet

Twitter obsessed over the surprising candidate during the Democratic debate.

image Elizabeth Warren Is the Adult in the Room

Warren showed up to lay out her plans—and how those plans could *actually* happen.

Democratic Presidential Candidates Participate In First Debate Of 2020 Election Over Two Nights Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker Speaking Spanish at the Democratic Debate Is Now a Meme

Twitter can't stop talking about last night's bilingual debate.

image Americans Are Shameless About Their Past

The Civil War, slavery, the wholesale genocide of Native Americans, and, most recently, Japanese Internment camps, are either forgotten about entirely or sugarcoated.

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image Why Anti-Choice People Are Okay with IVF

At least those women want to get pregnant, as God intends.

SUDAN-UNREST-PROTEST What You Need to Know About the Protests in Sudan

A violent attack on civilian protesters by military officials has left dozens of citizens dead and injured.

image Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment Is Rising Around the World

Gay people in Brunei can be whipped and imprisoned for being gay. In Poland, the populist party is saying that gay people are the public's number one enemy, and that's to say nothing of the concentration camps in Chechnya or the “bigot bills” in Texas.

us-politics-abortion-protest-social What the #StopTheBans Protests Looked Like Across the Country

From Georgia to Alaska, people protested abortion bans with powerful demonstrations.

US-ABORTION-LAW-SOCIAL-DEMONSTRATION Yellowhammer Fund Literally Can't Keep Up with All of Your Donations

The abortion assistance fund earned $100,000 in one day from a single referral link in a news story.

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Pro-Choice Abortion Campaigners Hold Demonstration Outside Parliament Abortion Stories Flood Social Media with #YouKnowMe Hashtag

Busy Philipps started a powerful movement in response to Alabama's abortion bill.

image Why Alabama's Abortion Ban Is Akin to Torture

Forcing women to carry their rapist's baby has traditionally been used as a weapon of war, and is considered a violation of human rights.

image Women Who Miscarry Could Be Criminally Investigated Under Georgia's New Abortion Law

Investigations will look at whether a doctor assisted them in obtaining an abortion.

image The Nation Is Waiting to Find Out If Alabama's Governor Will Sign That Abortion Bill

If signed, HB 314 would be the strictest anti-choice law in America.

image Women Across the Country Are Outraged Over Alabama's Abortion Ban Bill

"This is awful. Outrageous. Unconstitutional."

image Why We Need a Tough President Like Kamala Harris

It's exciting to see a candidate unafraid of powerful men.

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image Why Joe Biden Isn't the Best Alternative to Trump

We don't need another 70-something white man who has an unpleasant history with women.

image Civilization Is Burning

Notre Dame is a cruel metaphor for what is happening in our world right now.

Napolitano, Mueller Testify At Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing Twitter Is Having a Field Day With the Mueller Report Redactions

"Harm to ongoing matter" is now the hottest phrase of 2019.

image Why the Media Overlooks Women Running for President

People are excited that Beto O’Rourke reads books. Good news: Elizabeth Warren has written 11 books.

Unplanned Abortion Documentary Why the Abortion Movie Unplanned Is Factually Incorrect

A 13-week fetus doesn't have the neurological complexity to do anything as advanced as “fight for its life”.

image What It Really Means When You Say "All Lives Matter"

It's a collective gaslighting from the white community.

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