Daring Women

These Are the Women Transforming America

They know how to find the strength to move forward—even when it feels impossible.

Women Who Dare: Laverne Cox and Rosario Dawson

"What does it look like to really include everyone? It's hard work."

Women Who Dare: Gabby Giffords and Edna Chavez
"Part of being a leader is not giving up when others say a problem c…
Women Who Dare: Jane Fonda and Patrisse Cullors

"The benefit I can bring here is that I'm white and I'm famous."

Mari Malek Wants Every Child to Have an Education?
Actor, model, and charity founder Mari Malek wants every child to ha…
The Fashion Industry Is Obsessed With Size. This Model Doesn't Care for Those Rules.

Model, crusader, and Muay Thai fighter Mia Kang is set on proving that size shouldn't matter.

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Tech Has a Huge Diversity Problem. This Woman Is Determined to Fix It.

Valeisha Butterfield-Jones is a political advisor-turned-tech exec, with a goal to change Google.